Bulldog Club of Utah Rescue is thrilled to be the recipient of 100% of all royalties from the purchase of the book, What Oliver Taught Me for the month of February! Sherri Gibbons, the author and mama to Oliver, is generously choosing 12 rescues to receive all proceeds from her book for 2018. If you are a dog lover, you will love Oliver and his adorable antics.

Here is a small look inside the book: “Oliver was experiencing situations similar to Sherri—an incurable illness was of those things—only he was handling life much better than Sherri. What Oliver Taught Me is a charming and insightful memoir of how a strange and adorably funny English bulldog helped Sherri become a better human. Follow along as Sherri takes us through relevant life events and the weird parallel lives she and Oliver were living.”

If you need a bit more bulldog in your life, click HERE to purchase the book, and help our rescue bulldogs!