Thank you for considering rescue!

We appreciate your interest in rescuing a bulldog. Please check this page for our current adoptable bulldogs, as well as dogs who may be on medical hold and not yet available for adoption. 

The first step is to fill out an application down below. Please note we very rarely get puppies into our rescue and the average age of our bulldogs is between 5-7 years old. Many of our rescues may have some kind of behavioral issue or medical issue. Many cannot be placed with small children. We do place outside of Utah, however, we do not transport any of our bullies and all adopters must come to us. The average time for placement can be anywhere from a few days to six months, depending on availability and fit. The more restrictions in place for a dog (young age, must be good with children, dogs, cats, etc.) the longer the wait will be.

If you have any questions, please call Susan at 801-750-0587 or send us an email. We thank you for considering adding a rescue bulldog to your family!

(For additional photos of our rescues, please check out  our Facebook page.)


Clover- 8 Years Old

Say Top O' The Morning to voluptuous matriarch 8-year old Clover! Clover is a sassy senior who has a bone to pick with our rescue volunteers. She's heard the "F Word" being thrown around when they've talked about her dietary needs. Yes, that's right, FAT! She would like to remind everyone her metabolism is not what it used to be when she was a young, spry 4-year old and the only F word she would like to hear when talking about her is Fabulous. She supports body positivity and celebrating bulldogs of all shapes, even if that shape is round and potato-like. Did someone say potato...??

Clover was surrendered because she can't get around like she used to and was having a difficult time navigating the stairs in her home. She could use some regular Zumba classes to help take some weight off her joints and help her move better. Clover does great with children but doesn't care for small dogs. She tends to throw her weight around when interacting with them. She is house and crate trained, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped.

Clover loves to chew on a good bone, receive belly rubs, and celebrate her favorite holiday, St. Patrick's Day. No surprise there! Her adoption fee is $200. Want to meet this lucky charm? Fill out an application down below.


Winston- 6 Years Old

​​You may recognize our handsome, debonair cover model, Winston, who was adopted from our rescue in November. Unfortunately he is looking for a new home. His family is completely heartbroken and devastated to have to rehome him. He and their other male dog are getting into some WWE-style fights with each other, and sadly, these aren't staged. They have been working diligently with a trainer to try to make things work but ultimately, everyone involved feels Winston will be happier in a home without another male dog. 

We believe Winston is 6 years old and he lives humans of all shapes and sizes. He also gets along well with cats and female dogs. He loves going on walks and giving hugs by standing on his hind legs and wrapping his front legs around yours. He's a sweet, funny boy who prefers to spend his time with his humans when he's not giving his furry brother the evil eye. 

Winston enjoys power napping, watching Marvel movies, and supervising his human's housecleaning duties. His adoption fee is $300. Please fill out an application down below.


Daisy- 6 Years Old (On An Adoption Trial)

Everything is coming up Daisies with our new adoptable bulldog! 6-year old Daisy can't help but brighten your day with her lovely, large smile. Daisy came into rescue when her owner fell ill and she was not getting along with another family member's dog. She adores people, including children, and is just the shot of spring happiness you need in your life! 

Daisy would do great in a home with humans of all sizes but would probably do best in a home with dogs her own size or as the only furry flower. She LOVES treats, toys, and playing catch. Including with cats, who she thinks are fun chew toys so she needs to go to a kitty-free home! She has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. She also appears house and crate trained. Overall she is very healthy but is susceptible to seasonal allergies and typical smoosh face problems with heat. 

Daisy's adoption fee is $350. Daisy loves getting Swedish massages, watching reruns of 'Friends', and following popular fashion Influencers on Instagram. We are rooting for this sweet flower to find her people. Want to meet her? Fill out an application on our website down below. 


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