Thank you for considering rescue!

We appreciate your interest in rescuing a bulldog. Please check this page for our current adoptable bulldogs, as well as dogs who may be on medical hold and not yet available for adoption. 

The first step is to fill out an application down below. Please note we very rarely get puppies into our rescue and the average age of our bulldogs is between 5-7 years old. Many of our rescues may have some kind of behavioral issue or medical issue. Many cannot be placed with small children. We do place outside of Utah, however, we do not transport any of our bullies and all adopters must come to us. The average time for placement can be anywhere from a few days to six months, depending on availability and fit. The more restrictions in place for a dog (young age, must be good with children, dogs, cats, etc.) the longer the wait will be.

If you have any questions, please call Susan at 801-750-0587 or send us an email. We thank you for considering adding a rescue bulldog to your family!

(For additional photos of our rescues, please check out  our Facebook page.)


Mercury- 4 years old (Currently On Hold)

Meet Mercury! Mercury is 4-years young and was surrendered for being a bit too playful and energetic for the young children in the home. Mercury is a confident, athletic teenager and defies the fatty bulldog stereotype. He loves walks and a good game of fetch while strutting his hard, chiseled abs. He will need to go to a home who can provide him good structure to help him be the very best boy he can be.

Mercury is very, very smart and eager to learn. He has received extensive training and with consistent discipline and guidance he can easily pick up commands and would make a great sidekick. He loves spending time with large humans but would rather be homeschooled one on one in a class with no other pups. And like the typical teenager, you can often catch him sleeping in until 1 pm and eating all the Cheetos in the house. He has no problems resting when it's time to go to bed and enjoys some good downtime.

Mercury is a happy, fun boy and would do great in a home who can provide him lots of attention and structure. He is a great dog who would make someone an awesome companion. He is looking for a mature household with older, dog savvy kids, 13+, without other animals. He is house and crate trained and neutered. He is healthy and has been fed very good quality food. His adoption fee is $300. Want to meet this dreamboat? Fill out an application down below. 


Daisy- 6 years old

What is brown and red and adorable all over? New rescue Daisy! Daisy is 6-years old and came to us after her dad had to move into an assisted living facility and could not take her. She’s a squishy roly poly girl with a bit of a “handsome” face. She has a crooked jaw with a pronounced underbite. Which just makes her unique and ready for a character actress role.

Daisy was recently spayed and had entropion surgery on both eyes. Her eyes were in pretty bad shape. Like most people, she doesn’t like having her eyes touched and so they were left alone without treatment, which just created more issues for them. But now, with her new eyelift, she is feeling much better! She gets along great with people and loves a good butt scratch. But she can be a bit of a doggo drama stirrer and does not care for female dogs. She would do best in a home with a laid back male dog, or as an only fur child. She’s house and crate trained and is an easy going gal.  Her idea of the perfect night in is reading a good true crime novel, lounging on the bed with a plate of steak nachos and checking her friend’s Instastories. Her adoption fee is $300. Fill out an application for her down below!

Diesel- 3 Years Old 

Looking for a bulldog who is always on the go, go, go? Then 3-year old Diesel is your boy! And true to his name, he loves to go at full speed on the regular. He's a happy-go-lucky, sweet young lad who came to us after a divorce situation. He gets along well with children but seems to think they objects he can practice his Parkour moves on, so he needs a home with tolerant, sturdy kids. When he's not busy playing real life Assassin's Creed he enjoys his downtime and loves to just hang out with his humans. 

Diesel gets along well with other dogs out and about but he hasn't lived with another doggo so he will need proper introductions to other pets int he home. He was recently neutered and appears very healthy. We don't have any history with him and cats. He appears to be crate and house trained, as well. His adoption fee is $400. If you can help Diesel achieve his dream of being an extreme skier, or a cast member in the new Jackass movie, fill out an application down below!